Partners & Sponsors


Start Bright Inc (SBI) partners with Education and Sports Performance Academy (ESPA Inc) to help join the major ideas of S.T.E.A.M. education with movement as well as sports for our day care, preschool and after care students. ESPA believes that by combining Education and Sports training into their programs, kids from K to 12th grade will grow academically and physically as well as reduce childhood obesity. Every education and sports program ESPA develops is strategically based for a long-term approach to develop into highly functioning and contributing adults. Whether a child is going to be a serious or recreational sports participant, their needs at a young age will be met by ESPA’s programs.

Start Bright Inc. is constantly looking for new partners and sponsors and we would love to talk to YOU. Please reach out to us to discuss becoming a partner or sponsor. You can call the Hiram, Georgia location at 770 943-0058 to discuss sponsorship/partnership with one of our leadership staff.