Buttercups Breakdown


Our six weeks to twelve month students use the basics of our Buttercup curriculum to help them progress to the next stage. In this class we use sign language, hand gestures, and tone of voice to communicate with our students. Some ways our teachers utilize the materials are picking up an instrument and using the sounds to help engage the child in the lesson; Toys are used to help define their fine motor skills. Sign language is used to help the younger ones communicate as they are not able to speak yet. These points help in every aspect of class time when interacting with their peers.


Our twelve to twenty four month kids study the basics of the Buttercup curriculum. We discuss several different aspects of everyday life. We talk about topics such as everyday forecast, colors we see all around us, as well as shapes.  We use words and common statements to help our wobblers to reach bigger ideas; Teachers use music and sounds to help kids better grasp the STEM curriculum. Our main goal for your child before they move over to Toddlers, is to have them understanding the difference between right and wrong.


Our two year olds study more complex sections of the Buttercup curriculum. We discuss everyday life more in depth in this class. We dive deeper into identifying shapes and colors as well as how hot or cold the weather feels outside.We start using everyday ideas to help our kids build their knowledge and help identify more complex topics in the world. Teachers use examples, music and art to relay the curriculum in better terms to their students.