Executive Leadership



Mr. Byrd is the Founder of Start Bright Inc. (SBI) and Start Bright Academy LLC. (SBA) Motivated by his own personal experiences growing up in Yonkers, NY. Mr. Byrd is passionate about addressing the needs of children and early exposure to S.T.E.A.M. Education. “He didn’t do well in school and found it very difficult to focus. Mr. Byrd believes if he had the necessary resources early in life, that he would have succeeded academically. However, sports and hands-on education is what saved him.” Mr. Byrd and his team are aware that all children do not learn the same way. There are 8-Learning Styles such as Visual, Musical/Auditory, Physical/Kinesthetic, Social, Solitary, Logical/Mathematical, and Combination. SBI and SBA identifies the needs of each student and uses 21 st Century techniques with a variety of teaching strategies that are cutting edge to appeal to the students’ needs and their individual learning styles. In addition to specialized educational support, both families and children have an opportunity to access resources appealing to their social, emotional, and mental health needs. “My vision is that no child gets left behind.” Donald and his team live by the quote “fill a need, solve a problem”. SBI is truly filling the need for access to a quality education. SBI’s work gives all children throughout the state of Georgia a chance to receive a high-quality STEAM learning experience.